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Posted on April 27, 2007
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Just which company has our favourite paid blogging site, PayPerPost acquired? They are not saying yet but have asked bloggers to create buzz prior to the official announcement. Already one of the major sites with the biggest payouts for paid blogging - the top blogger has earned over US$10,000 - PayPerPost looks set to get even bigger with this acquisition.

Let’s consider the kind of company is PayPerPost likely to have acquired. It would have to complement their current business, perhaps a company that sells online ads, or it could be another paid blogging competitor. What about a video sharing site. It would complement and better streamline PayPerPost as it currently already accepts orders for video posts.

This could mean more ways for bloggers to earn online. Bloggers currently accept posts according to advertisers’ requirements for PageRank and traffic rankings. Opportunities are available for both high and low traffic blogs although higher traffic blogs enjoy more opportunites with higher rates. This acquisition could mean added opportunities for low traffic blogs. To increase visibility and higher profile for bloggers, PayPerPost could acquire a company that specialises in viral email marketing that would allow advertisers and potential clients to receive automated updates on the latest posts.

Another scenario would be the acquisition of an SEO company to provide SEO marketing services to both advertisers and bloggers looking to improve rankings. This means added revenue for PayPerPost which could translate into an expansion of its products and services. Whatever the outcome, bloggers will be most interested in the upcoming announcement to see its impact.

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