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Posted on April 22, 2007
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Drug abuse is a major social problem with far greater impact on many levels than most of us realise as it not only affects the individual, but also family and community. Teenagers especially, should be paid more attention to as they often cave in to peer pressure against their better judgement.

Such teenagers, however can learn to take back control of their lives through effective drug addiction treatment at Narconon Stone Hawk. The Narconon Program uses no drugs or medication but rather focuses on resolving issues which are caused by drug abuse. Proper nutrition and nutritional supplementation are combined to achieve a higher success rate. Students also learn to understand the fundamentals of moral and ethical behavior and to become a contributing part of their communities.

Attendees of the Stone Hawk program do not go for weekly meetings which may end up serving as a crutch preventing full recovery. Instead students are empowered to stay free of drugs and develop a new orientation in their lives where they learn how to move on with their lives with success. They learn how to cope with their problems without the use of drugs.

Over 70% of Narconon drug rehab graduates beat their addiction successfully!

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