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Posted on May 9, 2007
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PayPerPost has recently introduced a new Disclosure Badge that members have to put in their blog theme. Until recently I’ve always included a Sponsored Post lead in to the header but now, I think I will leave that at the end of the post when there is no disclosure badge required. Not to be confused with the custom PayPerPost Tracking Code and the Link Banner which have always been in use, the Disclosure Badge is something that is activated only when required.

In Your Face
The Tracking Code is an invisible piece of tracking code while the Link Banner links to the advertiser’s site. When the Disclosure Badge is activated, a mouse-over on the Link Banner shows a preview box with the advertised product and other information. See image below. It’s a huge box that takes up a good quarter of the page, as you can see. Containing the advertised product and information, I guess this is added value for the advertiser who gets to sell a little on the product even if the reader doesn’t click on the Link Banner as there is greater chance of readers mousing over the link than actually clicking it.

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Installing the Disclosure Badge
Quite a few PayPerPost members have reported that the Disclosure Badge code is buggy, not showing up for a day or two after installation. The code needs to be installed in a specific location in the theme for it to work. If you have a Wordpress theme, here’s how to install it.
1. Go to Theme Editor under Presentation.
2. From the list on files on the right hand side column, click on Footer.
3. Scroll all the way down Footer until you find the code /body.
4. Copy and paste the Disclosure Badge code just above /body.
5. Click Update file.

You’re done. The code should show up within a day or two.

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