PayPerPost lets bloggers accept direct ads

Posted on May 24, 2007
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PPP DirectPayPerPost has added a new feature to their get paid to blog business model by allowing bloggers to accept post offers from advertisers directly. The aim is to get advertisers who are not registered with PayPerPost onboard.

Bloggers place a badge like this one here to let advertisers know they can order a post with the blog. By clicking it, the advertiser’s order will be placed with PayPerPost who will facilitate the order for both parties. Bloggers can set their own price for a post. PayPerPost will take a 10% comission for posts made this way.

Presently, advertisers register with PayPerPost and list their offers on the opportunities board where bloggers browse through to select those offers which meet advertiser requirements on blog stats.

From the PayPerPost notice:

PPP Direct allows you to take offers directly from any advertiser visiting your site. By placing a badge on your blog, anyone clicking that badge will be presented with a form to create an opportunity just for your, and you set the minimum offer price! Even better PPP Direct allows you to negotiate with advertisers on the terms of the content. Do you think $20 is too little for 300 words? Tell the advertiser making the offer you want $25! Unlike other services PPP Direct charges a minimal fee of only 10% to help you facilitate the transaction. Our system puts advertiser money in reserve, if you do your job you will get paid!

Presently, I have my own advertise button which allows interested advertisers to order a paid post directly from me, so I don’t think I will use this service at the moment. However, I can see that there will be advertisers who feel more comfortable dealing with a middleman like PayPerPost instead of directly with the blogger.

This is a smart business move in every way as it allows PayPerPost to leverage on its large network of bloggers to recruit more advertisers which could potentially become members themselves in order to enjoy advertiser member benefits.

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