If you’d like to advertise on this site, there are several advertising options available. Payment is in US dollars only and made through PayPal.

As of March 2009, statistics for this site are as follows:
Unique Visitors: 4,000+
PageViews: 7,000+
RSS: 160+ RSS readers according to

TEXT LINK: US$10 per month
Links are “NOFOLLOW” sitewide placed under the Featured Sites section above the fold for maximum exposure.
You choose your anchor text (maximum about 8 words) and URL.
You can change anchor text and url anytime.

125×125 BANNER: US$12 per month
You supply me with the banner html code - NOT the actual jpg or gif image. Only non-animated banners accepted.
Banners are displayed on every page on the left column above the fold for maximum exposure.
You can change banners anytime.

Make your payment by PayPal to adpayment(at)
Include your html code during your PayPal payment.
I will reply you and put up your ad.

Ads are subject to approval. My time zone is UTC/GMT +8 hours, so don’t panic if you don’t get my reply instantly.

If you are still unsure about advertising on SomeUseless.Info, please feel free to ask me any queries you may have by using the Contact Form.