Google AdSense alternatives

When it comes to contextual advertising to monetize your blog, Google AdSense like it or not, is still the one that rules them all. AdSense gives publishers the biggest pool of advertisers and often the highest pay-per-click.

However if you are looking for alternatives to AdSense, here are some options to consider. These options may work […]

Fotolia V2 teething problems

Fotolia, one of the main microstock photography agencies launched their revamped site with overhauls on their entire technical system and are facing some problems as a result. Members have reported facing multiple problems, from being unable to withdraw their payments to facing blank pages when accessing the forum and uploading images.

With some negative buzz in […]

How to join Blog Mastermind for FREE

By now, you would have heard about the blogging for profits Blog Mastermind mentoring program by Entrepreneur’s Journey blogger Yaro Starak who earns on average USD5,000 every month with his blogs.

The course includes weekly assignments, so the program is subscription based which you can cancel anytime. Having just opened for students last Thursday, the 7-day […]

Increase your blog earnings with Blog Mastermind

The Blog Mastermind mentoring program is now officially open for registration. It is prepared by Yaro Starak who owns Entrepreneur’s Journey, a highly respected blog on aspects of the business of blogging.
If you are thinking of starting a blog to make money online or have already got one but not quite getting the financial returns […]

Agloco Viewbar ready but where are the ads?

Just over a week a go, Agloco sent me an email saying that their Viewbar was ready for downloading. Members have reported being unable to log in probably due to the rush to download thus causing a server jam. Agloco has long been in the centre of controversy with the blogging community equally divided on […]

Paid Video Sharing Sites - The Dirty Dozen

With the proliferation of video sharing as a means to make money online, I’ve compiled a list of sites which pay in one way or another for uploading videos to share with viewers. Most of these sites earn by either by Google AdSense or direct advertisers and split the advertising revenue with video contributors. Although […]

VuMe - Earn by sharing videos

Formerly known as Eefoof, VuMe is not just a video sharing site. It also pays creators of audio and images for sharing their work. With a strong adherence to copyright laws, VuMe only accepts original content, meaning no spliced together TV shows or celebrity photos.

How It Works
Ad banners are placed around media pages and […]

Bidvertiser - Alternative to AdSense


I joined the Bidvertiser advertising program recently to further monetize my blog, as you can see from the list of ads in the right column. After months of resisting this kind of PayPerClick advertising to make money online, I think this blog has finally reached the traffic level that may actually see some clicks. […]

Scoopt Words - Sell blog content

Many bloggers while enjoy making money blogging, may not like to be directly involved with advertisers or buyers who are interested to buy their content. Unpleasant situations can arise from payment and delivery problems which is why there are so many paid blogging agencies who act as a neutral third party to facilitate such transactions. […]

10 get paid to blog sites roundup

One of the main ways for bloggers to make money online is to get paid for blogging. There are many paid blogging or paid review sites for bloggers to make money online, in addition to other ways such as sell images and videos.

1. PayPerPost
Lots of opportunities and if your site has a high PageRank, you […]

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