Get paid to review my post

Here’s an easy way to earn US$7.50 from PayPerPost. Simply browse through the posts on this site and if you see a post you’d like to review, just click the “Get Paid To Review My Post” button at the end of that post. Just like this:

When you click on the button, you will be taken […]

Dada - Socialise and earn ad revenue

Dada is a community site where members earn ad revenue by creating blogs and forums for friends to interact and share videos, images, soundbites and more. Google AdSense is incorporated, displaying text links related to the content you create.

Sign up is free and Google AdSense will pay you a percentage of the revenue earned from […]

Sponsored Post - PayPerPost acquisition

Just which company has our favourite paid blogging site, PayPerPost acquired? They are not saying yet but have asked bloggers to create buzz prior to the official announcement. Already one of the major sites with the biggest payouts for paid blogging - the top blogger has earned over US$10,000 - PayPerPost looks set to get […]

Sponsored Post - Linkworth

LinkWorth provides several avenues for your website to make money online. You can set your own prices and select the type of advertising you want to display, from traditional Text Link Advertising, Billboard Link Ads and LinkWords.

You can choose to sign up for a standard account or a Preferred Partner account. The only difference […]

Sponsored Post - VoIP forum

One of the leading VoIP service providers has gone a step further in customer support. Vonage has set up a central support site where customers can get the latest news and information, reviews of products and services, and a community forum to discuss all aspects of Vonage, VoIP and related topics.

Members can list their […] - Get paid for videos is a videoblogging, podcasting and video sharing service that shares ad revenue with you. It’s free to join and they will provide you with a blog to show your videos if you don’t have one. If you already have your own blog, you can link the video directly to your blog.
How It Works
1. Upload […]

Shutterstock increases payout

One of the leading microstock photo agencies in low cost stock photography, Shutterstock, has increased payouts to members in a yearly review. This comes following Shutterstock increasing its subscription fees for stock buying customers. Shutterstock works on the subscription model where a minimum one-month subscription at US$199 allows you 25 downloads per day.
Increase […]

Smorty - Get paid for blogging

Here is another resource to get paid for blogging. Smorty is the latest get paid to blog site where advertisers and bloggers link up to create blog advertising. Advertisers send their advertising campaigns to Smorty who in turn recruits bloggers who blog for money to post about these products and services. It is now the […]

Sponsored Post - Employee performance review software

Although my design office is small - just 20 people in all - when it comes to yearly appraisals, and hopefully salary increments, the boss just doesn’t seem to be able to keep to the review schedule. Understandably, being the boss, he must be swamped himself plus having to make sense of a mountain of […]

My exchanges with a domain scammer

Recently, I received an email from someone who expressed interest in buying one of my domains. Thanks to some searching I did, I realised that I wasn’t going to get rich selling my domain.
Here are my email exchanges with Mr Scammer.

Please email a price you can accept for your domain name.
Our company develops software for […]

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