Monetize your site with Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads lets you make money online with your site or blog in several ways, namely by placing ad links, by becoming an affiliate and earning by referrals, and by adding ads to your RSS feed. You can choose to monetize your blog with one or all these money-making options. It’s an easy way […]

Wordpress or Blogger?


In my quest to determine which free blogging service is better, I spent some time reading other people’s views as well as trying out both Wordpress and Blogger. Blogger is of the course the grandfather of free blogging while Wordpress is a relative baby in terms of internet time.
Blogger recently upgraded to new […]

Microstock photography update

It’s been about 6 months since I started selling images at microstock photo agencies so I thought it was timely to do a review and see how this mode of making money online did. I joined 5 main agencies and did not bother with the smaller ones as you never know if they are going […]

ReviewStream - Get paid for your review

ReviewStream pays users for writing reviews of anything. It can be a movie you saw, a software you used or a web site you visited. There is a long list of categories starting with airlines and ending with web sites. Reviews need not be very long - quality counts. The review should help others find […]

Blogsvertise - Get paid to blog

Blogsvertise is one of the more established paid-to-blog sites where bloggers get paid for posting about an advertiser’s product or service on their blog. Blogsvertise pays blogs according to their popularity and traffic measured by third parties.

How It Works
1. Register and submit your blog for approval.
2. Once approved, your blog will be in queue for […]

Squidoo - Earn ad revenue by sharing information

Squidoo is an information centre where members build a web page (called a lens) on any information that they want to share. This page can point to RSS feeds, favourite links, Flickr, Google maps, eBay auctions, CafePress designs, Amazon books or music, and more. You use a template to create your lens where you personalise […]

Revver - Get paid for sharing videos

There are more and more of these get-paid-to-share-videos sites where you upload a video you created and you get paid when someone clicks on your video to watch it. Revver works in the viral video way where videos are shared by email, posted on websites or any other forms of distribution.

How It Works
1. You upload […]

SlashMySearch - Get paid for searching

SlashMySearch is a search engine that filters results from Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite, the Google search engine, their databases and several other sources in order to get the most relevant results. If you are using Internet Explorer, these results are also initially loaded with a restricted security setting better shielding you from spyware, adware, trojans, […]

Exodus3000 - Get paid to game

Exodus3000 is a free browser-based internet game that pays members for playing. Members earn MD (Mars Dollars) from different aspects of the game to pay for various game and character enhancements in order to up their levels. The are many variables in the game that affect the final amount earned.

How It Works
1. Sign up for […]

Dorm Check - Get paid to post

Dorm Check is a fairly new paid-to-post site that pays you for taking part in discussions on any subject. The name of the site and first glance at the categories seem suggest that this site is more skewed towards college students. There are categories for celebrities, college life and video games. But the site has […]

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