Internet knocked out in Asia

A 7.1 magnitude undersea earthquake off the southern coast of Taiwan on Tuesday damaged several fibre optic cables and disrupted telephone and internet connections for Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. Taiwan is one of the major communication cable gateways to the US.

Traffic was diverted to other lines resulting in major […]

Show YouTube videos on your Blackberry

Ever wanted to download your favourite YouTube videos and show them to friends on your Blackberry? Blackberry Pearl Video Generator lets you do just that. This software converts videos that can be played on a Blackberry Pearl. At $15 it’s an inexpensive piece of software that many would be happy to pay for what it […]

World of Tattoos

Tattoos have evolved to become an art, with millions of enthusiasts who regularly add on new tattoos to mark significant events in their lives. In this respect, tattoos can be something very personal and yet very public at the same time.
Tattoos come in all kinds of designs ranging from tribal and celtic to religious and […]

A new look for the new year

Canadian residents who have been thinking of getting themselves rejuvenated for the new year may consider seeking consultation with Dr. David Ellis. His Toronto plastic surgery, The Art of Facial Surgery, specializes in aesthetic facial cosmetic surgery to provide patients with the most natural facial balance and rejuvenation.

Going out of their way to make patients […]

Reveal the more beautiful you

When considering plastic surgery, research into both the procedure and the plastic surgeon’s reputation are equally important.
Albany plastic surgeons Williams Centre for Excellence provides quality facial plastic surgery, facial rejuvenation, hair restoration and replacement, facelifts, brow and eyelid lifts, non-surgical treatments and other FDA approved injections as reconstructive, repair and replacement treatment for facial […]

Rhinoplasty specialist

One of the most popular surgical cosmetic procedures is rhinoplasty or nose jobs. Rhinoplasty reshapes the nose for aesthetic and corrective purposes. Whether the issue is birth defect, injury, or age-related changes, rhinoplasty can help provide balance and proportion to your nose and face.
The Rhinoplasty Center is an educational website provided by Dr. Daniel G. […]

Find that prom dress

Prom night should be something to look forward to instead of stressing about what to wear. Of course, your prom dress plays an important part towards a memorable night. But instead of buying the best that money can buy, which may not neccessarily look good on you, consider one that brings out the best in […]

Protect your web content

With the internet being the wilderness that it is, it would not be very hard for someone to lift content off your site and use it as their own and you would be none the wiser.

Copyscape is a website that helps you search for copycat sites simply by entering your url. The basic service is […]

Affiliate marketing for bloggers

BlogKits, an advertising network built on the CPA (cost per action/sale) model offers revenue earning opportunities designed for bloggers. Bloggers are given a tracking code which they put in their blog and whenever a sale is made, they get paid. You can choose the type of ad to place on your blog - either a […]

Oversupply of paid bloggers?

It use to be that bloggers are paid the usual market rate of about US$5 for a post on their site. However, one of the paid blogging sites have been offering US$1 for a post. This may seem acceptable compared to sites such as Blogcharm and the like who pay a few cents per post. […]

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