Wordpress 2.0.5 upgrade: any good?

The newest version of Wordpress is out. According to Wordpress, there are more than 50 bug fixes.
To download the upgarde: http://wordpress.org/download
For instructions on how to upgrade: http://codex.wordpress.org/Upgrading_WordPress
According to users, the improvements are minor although they do make life a little easier in terms of usage. Wordpress 2.1 is apparently due before the end of the […]

Big in Japan

On my recent trip to Japan, as whenever I travel, I would check out the local McDonalds. I was in Tokyo and Osaka where the McDonalds are aplenty. This particular one was snuggled in a row of charming shophouses near a main tourist spot in Tokyo. It has two levels with the seating area located […]

Timeshare scams

It’s amazing that despite numerous well-publicised cases involving timeshare companies, people are still falling the snake oil pitches.
I guess promises of a “good deal” make people curious enough to think “hey, maybe I’ll just go take a look, if things don’t look right, I can always walk away. No harm done.” That’s like saying, “Maybe […]

What does your diamond jewelry say about you?

A little known facet of buying diamond jewelry is that it should be an exercise in judgement by the head as much as it is of the heart. How often do you stop and consider whether a piece of jewelry fits your personality? Usually, you would buy the piece of diamond necklace that most dazzles […]

High sales season for microstock

The upcoming Christmas and New Year season means cash registers ringing for retail. It’s no different for microstock photography.
The various microstock sites are experiencing high server load now. Reviews will take longer because of the high numbers of photo submissions. Since buyers will be preparing their holiday advertising and marketing push now for December sales, […]

A free marketing opportunity

Companies often look to Google AdWords to attract more traffic to their web site by buying relevant keywords in the hope that such traffic would result in potential buyers of their products and services. Certain keywords may be very costly and over the long run, small companies may find this marketing option to be less […]

Helium Knowledge revamps site

Helium Knowledge is now known as Helium following a site revamp.
This is a paid posting site with an unknown system of crediting posters. The paying rate also takes into consideration the rating the writer gives and receives. At last check, I earned about US$0.16.

Not only has the site come up with a new […]

Scam movie download sites

Two sites which claim to provide legal movie downloads for a flat fee but are in fact just out to take your money.
Users complain of their software not working at all,emails being bounced back and admin being uncontactable.
Users say it charges $49 but just provides you links to Limewire - a free file download protocol […]

Dramatically improve profits

By combining a unique and proven consulting methodology with a highly scalable, sustainable software platform, The Profit Improvement Company Acorn Systems enables companies to achieve their performance management objectives through sound decision making by understanding the foundations:

1. Improve profitability
2. Supply chain efficiencies
3. Cost allocation
4. Cost reduction
5. Accurate, dynamic cost/profit analytics and metrics
Using profitability softwaresuch […]

Paid blogging and writing sites

Before you even start looking for paid blogging gigs, you need to get yourself a PayPalaccount. Some sites only accept US residents but these ones accept international users.
Uses Adsense. You earn from clicks on ads.
Blogging Ads
Your blog must be in Google’s cache database to be accepted. Google “cache:http://sitename.com/ ” replacing ’sitename’ with your own. […]

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