ReviewParty – Get paid for your reviews

ReviewParty is a get paid to post sister site of BloggerParty, the paid blogging site. You can use your BloggerParty username here. The difference is that ReviewParty is strictly for writing reviews of movies, books, music and electronics.

How It Works
1. This is a Google AdSense programme so you must have an account.
2. Ads will be placed 50% of the time on your posts, the other 50% will be ReviewParty’s.
3. You earn when your ad gets clicked.
4. You can also sign up for an Amazon Associate for a referral banner to be put on your post. You earn a commission when a purchase is made through your link.

1. You must comply with Google AdSense rules.
2. Your reviews must not be about illegal topics such as hacking, pornography and gambling.
3. Your review need not be very long. Most of the reviews I’ve seen are about 100 words or less.

You will be paid by Google AdSense and Amazon.